Western Police & Fire Games

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About 50 volunteers try and beat the clock, and get packets ready for nearly 5,000 participants of the Western States Police and Fire Games.

And yet, another hurdle to clear. A 1,000 people just registered for the event way past the July 1 deadline. It's thrown everything into a tailspin.

Mitch Glazner, Sports/Venue Director, said, "It's just absolute chaos to put it mildly. There are so many things going on."

The games start this Saturday, and run through next Saturday.

Organizers have to plan more than forty different venues, in Northern Nevada and nearby California areas.

They all have a Summer Olympics feel. There is nearly 70 events.

Everything from basketball, to boxing, to a mud run, to a military obstacle course.

Coordinators say it's going to be one of most fun events to watch. And, all the events are free. They expect 12,000 people to attend the games, and see these world class competitors.