Drive Time

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The plan is to get traffic moving faster in and out of central Reno, and it's specifically planned to help you get to work easier.

Jim McGrath with the Regional Transportation Commission says everyone will be happy.

"It really is going to provide benefit to southwest Reno, southeast Reno, and also to the Neil Road neighborhood. Right now we don't have direct link other than the freeway or Neil Road for people who need to get to central Reno."

Here's how it will work: the four-lane, 40 mile an hour road begins at Moana Lane and Neil Road. It will wind south bordering the airport property and through the old Rewana farms area, ending up at the intersection of Double R Blvd. and Longley Lane.

Howard Riedl, an engineer with the department, says the traffic will flow smoothly, largely because not many will be able to access the road between the two main intersections at each end.

"We're trying to move a lot of traffic on this road. We expect a lot of traffic on this road. When we have multiple access points, it causes conflict with the moving traffic, so we're only going to have intersections every mile or so."

Transportation officials say the initial cost for buying property and relocating residents adds up to about $8 million, but they say it's worth detouring traffic out of the neighborhood.

"It's going to take traffic off Neil Road. We have a lot of mothers and kids and other folks walking up and down that road. We have parks, we have schools. We want to get traffic off that road and onto a road that serves the traveling public better."

Transportation officials say the demolition project should be finished by next week and the Moana Lane extension is expected to be done by fall of next year.