Thoughts on Terror

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This month we've seen the terrorist attacks in London, and of course, in New York in 2001, but here in Reno, Nevada?

Larry Martines, Anti-Terrorism Consultant, says, "There are people on the terrorism watch list, close surveillance."

Reno-based Larry Martines has spent his career in law enforcement and now works as a private anti-terrorism consultant to numerous state and federal agencies. Contrary to popular belief, he feels Reno is a more likely target over Las Vegas.

He reasons that Vegas has more resources than Reno to handle an attack and that bombing Reno would still have a devastating effect on the state's economy, but no matter where, Americans should expect another attack on U.S. soil.

"We're target one, do it on a grand scale.

Martines says it does not work for a country to take a defensive stance after a terrorist attack, and that the only way to fight terrorism is to take a proactive approach.