Nevada Wins 22-14!

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The University of Nevada Wolfpack football team beat state rival, The University of Las Vegas, at a packed home game.

University officials expected a crowd of about 20-to-25,000 fans, so they added police officers to fill the stadium and prevent any of the expected brawls.

It is a rivalry unlike any other on the west coast, and it's also a night where both schools come together and everyone agrees that anything can happen.

Saturday night that was more than true for all the screaming Nevada fans as their team led them to a 22-14 victory over their fiercest rivals.

UNLV was actually favored to win the game by two points, but remained behind throughout the entire game.

Young students, graduates, and fans of all ages filled Mackee Stadium for the entire game cheering on the team... just waiting to make sure the Freemont Cannon stays in Reno this year.

The cannon is actually the largest rivalry trophy in the west coast, and has not been in Nevada's hands for five years.

This time they will be able to paint the base blue and silver while UNLV waits until next year for another chance at the cannon.