Aloha Says it Did Everything it Could to Stay Aloft

HONOLULU (AP) - Aloha Airlines says it did everything it could to keep its passenger business afloat but its cash on hand dwindled to just $1.7 million and no investor was willing to pump more funds into the company.

Aloha officials say it took $1.5 million daily to run the airline.

Aloha President David Banmiller says he aggressively searched for a buyer for the 61-year-old airline.

Banmiller told a bankruptcy court hearing yesterday he probably talked to every airline CEO foreign and domestic and every single one took a pass.

He says each asked what Aloha planned to do about the two main factors squeezing its bottom line: rising fuel prices and competition from go! airlines.

Since 2006, when go! entered the Hawaii market, Aloha has reported losses of $125 million.

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