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Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong says 48-year-old Chris Rasmussen came to 40-year-old Shelly Hachenberger's house on Hawaii Circle in Carson City early Wednesday morning, but had no intention of a calm encounter.

"About 7:38 this morning, we responding to calls about several shots fired, described as a high powered rifle. That has been verified. There were considerable amount of shots fired to the front of the house."

According to the police, Rasmussen fired 25 to 30 bullets at the front door with a rifle and then entered the home she shared with her two daughters, who police say were not home at the time.

Police say when Rasmussen entered the home he shot his estranged ex-girlfriend several times. After killing Hachenberger, police say he then shot himself.

Fritz Schlottman with the Nevada Department of Corrections says her co-workers are dealing with the tragedy and the fact that Ramussen was once an employee.

"People that knew her well knew her as a very energetic, devoted, hard-working team member, and a devoted mother. It's very hard to see someone like that pass away."

He says Hachenberger was employed as the administrative assistant to the associate warden. Rasmussen began work in the prison system in 1977 and retired as a senior corrections officer and range master who trained other officers how to shoot.

Those who knew Hachenberger well say the couple may have been together at one point, but she had clearly broken off any contact and even had a temporary protection order against him, and police say they responded several times to the house for calls about domestic disputes.

Despite the restraining orders and domestic violence reports, Sheriff Furlong says Rasmussen was not convicted of any crimes that would prevent him from owning a gun. The sheriff called him an irrational gun enthusiast who committed an irrational act.