Paying at the Pump

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Tip number 1: Avoid peak travel times.
The less you sit in traffic, the more you conserve what's left in your tank.
Try to leave 15 minutes earlier for work to beat the morning traffic and do the same at the end of the day.
This can save you an average of about 20 minutes of stop and go traffic.

Tip number 2: Bring a lunch.
While it's tempting and easy to just run out and to your favorite fast food restaurant for lunch everyday, but bringing a lunch is very cost effective when it comes to gas.
If the closest fast food is two miles away, that's four miles a day you save, and it's probably a little more relaxing and on a lot better on your diet.

Tip number 3: Plan errands.
Planning your time in the car is extremely important if you really want to start saving money at the pump.
Try consolidating your weekly or sometimes daily trips to the grocery store to just once every two weeks.
If your local grocery store is three miles from home, you'll save an estimated 6-to-12 miles a week.

Tip number 4: Empty your car
It's also time to lose some weight... in your car.
Experts say any extra weight leads to extra money being spent to carry it around.
This weekend, take out any extra stuff that has taken a seat in your car.

Tip number 5: Carpool, carpool, carpool
It can be hard to organize schedules, but if you can carpool just once a week, it can tremendously affect your wallet.
If you rotate drivers each week, that's 3-to-4 days a month your car doesn't need to leave the driveway.
Looking at our overall savings, with just these five tips, you can save from a half tank to a full tank every two weeks.