Supreme Court Nominee

Judge John Roberts
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The President and John Roberts appeared at the white house together after an early morning breakfast, still fresh off last night's nomination of a lifetime.
The Presidnet says "Judge Roberts is off to the senate this morning to begin his consultations. i'm confident the senators will realize he's a man of wisdom and intellectual strength willing to serve our country."
Many have been examining the judge's background closely.
Roberts is no stranger to the high court having clerked for chief justice
William Renquist and as a lawyer argued dozens of cases before the supreme court.
Roberts says hat experience left me with a profound appreciation for the role of the court in our constitutional democracy and a deep regard for the court as an institution.
The father of two small adopted children with conservative credentials is widely respected among republicans and democrats. But roberts has a short history as a judge and democrats were quick to
react to last night's announcment, many concerned about his stance on
In particular his writings that Roe versus Wade, the decision that
established a woman's right to an abortion was wrongly decided and should be overruled.
Senator Charles Schumer a democratic senator from New York "His views will affect a generation of americans and it is his obligation
during the nomination process to let the american people know those views."
The President is asking for a dignified confirmation process. the
Senate is expected to start hearings after labor day which could have
Roberts on the bench by October.