NewsChannel 8 Katrina Relief Drive

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The Regional Transportation Commission is teaming up with Reno Radio Representatives and News Channel 8.

We're all raising money to give to the Salvation Army to help the people who need that help so badly in the south. Radio and NewsChannel 8 personalities will be outside Ashley Furniture at Kietzke and Moana from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. to collect money for Katrina victims.

Financial contributions and donations are urgently needed to assist relief efforts. Unfortunately, frauds and scams take advantage of these times. Be sure your contribution is going to legitimate charity.

Red Cross: Call 856-1000 locally, 1-800-435-7669 nationally, or visit their Web site at>

Salvation Army: Call 775-688-4555 locally, 1-800-725-2769 nationally, or visit their Web site at

Network for Good: a list of other legitimate charities providing assistance, including the American Humane Society.