Jury Deliberating Over Sentence for Tamir Hamilton

They've shown pictures of him and his infant daughter. Had a deputy with the Washoe County Jail testify Hamilton has been no problem.

But late this afternoon they showed Hamilton's mother, a diagnosed schizophrenic who is currently institutionalized.
"He has a daughter and a girlfriend. Only thing that I can say to the jury."

The tape was one of the last pieces of evidence presented by the defense. According to his attorneys Hamilton had no contact with her from a young age when authorities removed him from her home.
Later the defense would show pictures of the L-A riots, something they say Hamilton witnessed first hand as a youngster in foster care.

"The Tamir I knew was fun. Like I said, he blended well with our family."

Ebony Young was one of a handful of friends who testified on behalf of Tamir Hamilton.

All said he was a nice guy, courteous, respectful. Clyde Borgan a childhood friend says he knew Hamilton while Hamilton was in foster care. He testfied he used to take Hamilton and the other kids at his grandmother's foster home to counseling. While he wasn't allowed in session he said the believed the counseling was for the kids who weren't with their parents.

Undercutting the defense who has claimed Hamilton was there for schizophrenia--something they have never been able to document.

The state is asking the jury to sentence Hamilton to death. The defense is asking for life without the possibility of parole.

Closing arguments begin tomorrow at 9:00