Freshman Freedom

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The separation was not hindering anyone's fun Saturday night at the school sponsored block party.
But, university administrators say there is a very good reason to have a party.
As we know, the parent activities finished and many head home.
Even those of you in the area said good-bye, at least for a little while.
But, five years ago, the freshman freedom was to much for one young adult.
The Saturday before classes, university officials say, he took off for one of many house parties hosting some fun before classes begin.
Instead of going to class on Monday, he was packing up and going home.... this block party has become a positive, yet fun alternative.
For you parents at home wondering why your child is letting go easier than you, don't worry.
Resident assistants, in the dorm, say the separation anxiety usually hits the students about a month or so into the year.
They say you should not continue to ask if they're homesick, instead just keep the communication open and understanding for when they are feeling a little down.