The Planes Stay

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Gary and Jennifer Turner have lived in Reno, basically, their entire lives.
"To think about getting up and moving, and starting all over again, is just something I didn't want to think about."
Both guardsmen say their lives are intricately woven in the guard and the community... a unique quality of the Air National Guard discussed in detail throughout the last couple of months.
Gary says the guard allows someone in the military to stay in one place, instead of moving every couple of years.
"It allows any individual that wants to serve in the military and serve their country at the same time and still be deeply rooted in their community and be a part of their community and stay here."
Jennifer joined the guard just after graduating high school.
She is an analyst and aircraft maintenance for day to day operations while Gary is an operation support flight commander.
Each have served overseas in Iraq, once they served at the same time.... leaving the kids with Grandma and Grandpa.
"My husband and I do really well. We juggle everything, both of our careers. Both of us have been over to Iraq and with the family because we have our roots here... our parents are able to help with the kids."
If the planes left, these two say their positions would not have moved with the planes... possibly threatening each one's career with the need to transfer together to another guard base.
Now, life goes on and Gary is getting ready to leave once again to serve overseas for 60-days.
"We've had BRAC in our house for a couple months... working hard on it. So, these last couple days have been very trying, for me. I didn't sleep very much, I was worried... yesterday was just a sigh of relief."