Waterfall Fire One Year Later

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We live with wildfire in northern Nevada. Each summer many of us live with the potential of its threat. Few of us have seen the flames bearing down on us and had to face a frantic evacuation, grabbing what we could and fleeing, never knowing if we would see our homes again.

Ron and Kathi Amrhein lived that nightmare a year ago today. They filled up the cars with pictures and took off.

Kathi and Ron were told sometime later their home had burned, but that didn't prepare them for what they saw when they returned. The fire was so intense there is little left, but the foundation, and what were once steel appliances or cars.

It caused Kathi to collapse and go into labor. Fortunately, doctors arrested her labor. Samantha was born a month later, like her mother, father and brother, a survivor of the Waterfall fire. They were together. Just about everything else was gone.

Having lost everything they debated returning to this neighborhood. And so today they are rebuilding. Recreating with just a few changes the house they lost. They hope to move in by this fall. They say they know neighborhood won't be the same as it was. They will be surrounded by reminders of the fire and what they went through, but life has returned to Timberline.