BRAC Vote Keeps Air Guard Planes in Reno

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The vote by the independent commission was 8-0, with one
The decision will allow the eight C-130s of the 152nd Airlift
Wing to remain at the Air Guard station at Reno-Tahoe International
Airport. The Pentagon had proposed downsizing the base by removing
all its planes, leaving only limited support and ground systems
missions in place.
But Nevada officials lobbied to keep the planes, arguing their
removal would leave just one full squadron of C-130s west of the
In the end, the nine-member Defense Base Closure and Realignment
Commission agreed the planes were needed. Commissioners did not
discuss their decision on the Reno base, but did say they were
trying to keep National Guard planes in as many states as possible.
Commissioner James Bilbray of Las Vegas, a former Nevada congressman, recused himself from the vote.
Nevada's Adjutant General Cindy Kirkland says that immediately
after the vote, the guard received telephone calls from some Nevada
guardsmen deployed in Iraq trying to figure out if they still had
jobs. She says they couldn't tell from the television coverage on
C-SPAN whether the planes were staying or not. She says she was
delighted to inform them they will remain in Reno.