Survey: Promising Job Market For Class of 2008

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If you're about to graduate and are worried about entering the job market, a new study has good news.

It's hard to go anywhere these days without hearing someone mentioning the word recession, but according to an annual survey, the class of 2008 will be entering the most promising job market in three years.

"It seems like a pretty good time for the job market around the Reno area," says UNR Sophomore Shane Brower. "Jobs during school are kind of hard to find. But after graduation, that's looking pretty good right now."

Brower is an engineering student and even though he's just a sophomore, he could have a very bright future, if a recent study proves to be accurate over the next few years. In its annual survey of college recruiters, Job Outlook found that employers plan to hire 16 percent more college graduates than last year; with a majority of those jobs going to students with degrees in business; engineering; computer science and accounting.

Even students who aren't studying for degrees in those programs, say this is encouraging news.

"It's pretty tough getting a job straight out," says Shane Moulton, a UNR graduate student. "I knew people a few years back who had to go through like 100 applications before they could two or three interviews. Hopefully, that's not the case by time I'm done."

And that's really the most pressing issue for students not graduating this year. Considering how often the market fluctuates, some students aren't sure whether this is good news or a bad omen.

"If it's a trend that actually lasts, that'll be great," says UNR Senior Erin Higgs. "But I'm gonna be in school for a couple more years. But if it holds out, that'd be great."

Because the market is always fluctuating, UNR's Career Development Department has set up a free website that matches students and alumni with potential employers. The school is also hosting a job fair April 15th through April 16th, which will include recruiters from several major corporations.