Skydiver Falls to Death

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A veteran skydiver who fell thousands of feet to his death on Sunday, was said to be performing a routine jump with three other experienced divers. The Nevada Appeal reports he was a co-owner of Skydive Tahoe.

A witness, who is also a Skydive Tahoe employee, says the victim jumped at about 13,000 feet. He says at about 3,000 to 3,500 feet the man opened his parachute, but something went tragicly wrong. He says the chute deployed above the skydiver's head, but the man went into a violent spin, before impacting the ground in a field. The witness performed CPR on the man and says the victim did have a pulse, but did not survive.

KOLO is awaiting word from authorities before reporting the name of the victim. The Douglas County Sheriff's Office confirms there has been a skydiving death, but says at this time, no other details have been released.

The Skydive Tahoe employee says the man had a back-up parachute, but may have been unable to deploy it because the force of the spin may have prevented free use of his arms.

The incident happened off Bliss Road, near the Sierra Front fire dispatch agency and the Minden-Tahoe Airport.