New School Dress Code

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The list of what not to wear in school is getting longer for students in Washoe County schools, but it's nothing new for those at Reed High School in Sparks who have followed a dress code for several years.
Nicki Joslyn, Senior Class President, at Reed High School says "When we first got the letters for the new dress code, it was kind of scary because a lot of people thought it was more of a uniform like thing. But, instead it's just limiting some of the things you can't wear.
Showing some skin is definitely unacceptable in the new district-wide dress code for 2005. Spaghetti straps, exposed tops, middles and bottoms made the list of don'ts, and you better leave the hats and sunglasses in the car, because they too are not allowed.
Mary Vesco, Principal at Reed High School, says "We're trying to teach our students how to dress for success. They're going out to the world to work, they're going out to colleges and we just want them to learn early how to dress appropriately for the right occasion."
Any clothing that advertises alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gangs, violence or sex are all prohibited. Administrators say this should not silence free expression, instead create a productive learning environment.
Some students say most of this is just common sense, but fashion is fashion and it can have a mind of it's own, especially with teenagers.
Cameron Waldman, a Reed High Junior, says "some people love music, some people love art, and some people love fashion. So, this could really affect them, but hopefully there are other chances where they can express themselves outside of school."
Expressions administrators hope will be toned down before these young adults hit the real world at the end of their senior year.
"There's life beyond high school and if we can instill in our young men and women what's appropriate and not appropriate beyond high school, I think we've done our job."
Parents should receive a copy of the new dress code in the mail before the school year begins, and it's also available at the school district's website,