Heat Dangers

It's just about a daily ritual for Lisa Barnes and her nearly 2-year-old son Josh. A trip to feed the ducks, cross the street and it’s on to the playground equipment at Virginia Lake. But on hot days, there are some limits.

Barnes says their outing will be cut short because of the heat. In the meantime she prepared before the two ever got into the car.

Barnes said, “I just keep 50 sunscreen on him, light clothes, usually he has a hat but I didn't get it today.”

Down the street Dave Pumphrey shows us his motorcycles temperature at rest can reach 113 degrees, but after a couple of minutes, on the bike, Dave says he can get into the nineties, that's why he wears shorts.

It appears as if both Dave and Lisa are prepared for the heat. But some children and seniors are not. And they can run into problems faster than healthy teens or adults.

Brian Taylor, REMSA Paramedic, "The fact that they can't compensate they aren't as advanced as normal healthy adults, shorter periods in the sun shorter periods in the heat can make it much worse for them.

Taylor says take these precautions in the heat.

  • drink plenty of water before going outside...and continue to replenish--don't wait until you are thirsty.
  • wear sunscreen
  • wear a hat and long sleeve loose clothing
  • avoid strenuous activity between ten and four in the afternoon

    Taylor says a good base guideline for water intake is about a pint an hour. That's before you go out in the sun, then depending upon the activity you may need to take in more water more frequently.