Teen Shooting Suspect

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Detectives say shortly after 15-year-old Dexter Vann shot and killed 16-year-old Quinn Hooper, he tossed the gun near Sage Street Park in Northeast Reno. After searching since three thirty this morning, detectives say they were unable to find what they were looking for, and there could be an even greater danger to the community.

Lieutenant Ron Donnelly, of the Reno Police Department, says "If we don't find the gun. It's great concern. A child or family picked it up and may think it's a toy or a real gun."

Authorities are looking for a .22-caliber pistol, with wooden grips.

Police say Vann bought the gun on the street, and was playing with it Saturday, the night officers say he shot Hooper in the head.

Initially, the shooting was ruled accidental, but now investigators believe a crime was committed. Donnelly says, "you need to be responsible for your actions. Point a gun and pull the trigger there's a likelihood someone will get hurt."

A daycare center is just down the block from the park where children are at play. Candia Tolbert, from Community Child Services Inc. says any child could get the gun. She's notified parents and other caregivers to stay away from the area near the park until the gun is found.

Search and Rescue is made up of volunteers, who are out here on their own time, trying to protect the community. Sergeant Russell Pedersen, Washoe Co. Search & Rescue, says "we want to make sure everything is searched. We don't want someone else getting hurt. We don't want that to happen."