The Search for A Missing Woman

Missing Woman
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August 8th, 64-year-old Nita Mayo left Hawthorne Nevada, for Sonora, California. Family members say she drove a popular route, along highway 108, where her car stopped on a vista overlooking the pass.
Her daughter, Shelley Taylor, says "she did this all the time. Loved to just drive and look at the scenery. And just have a picnic and go home."
But, Mayo never came home. Her daughters got worried Tuesday night when they got a call, their mother hadn't returned from her day trip. The next day, Tuolumne County's sheriff's deputies found Mayo's car and everything in it. They've looked it over for clues, but aren't saying what they found. Authorities have ruled out foul play, and "officially" called off the search for Mayo on Friday.
Family members still scour the mountains where she was last seen.
They've also distributed hundreds of flyers and emails throughout the country looking for any information about their mother, saying they need to find her and need to find her now. They've dropped everything and rushed to California to search. Mayo's daughters say it's out of character for their mother to just wander off. They say she was in good health physically and mentally, and knew her limits when it came to trips like this.