Detectives Talk Trash

Sparks Police say Tamir Hamilton showed up to headquarters the day of Holly Quicks murder visably upset and asking questions about the girl's death.

But today on the stand detectives said the connection between Quick and the 28-year old would become more apparent after a secret witness tip lead them to his home here on Rosetta Stone Drive.
Detective William Valenti told the jury.

"I jumped into the trash itself."

Detective Wiliam Valenti says he and his partner were sent to the residence in Spanish Springs Thursday Afternoon. In an unmarked car Valenti says he noticed it was trash day.

"Maybe they had thrown away some evidence."

After contacting Waste management Valenti says a garbage truck came by and picked up the trash receptacle and took it down the street. There all other trash was pushed to the front of the truck, and cleared for Hamilton's garbage. Valenti says he hopped inside the truck and looked at the trash.

"Started seeing some bloody rags approximately four of them and a bloody sock. Small black plastic bag which was tied off at the top and saw what appered to be a light sweater, pair of blue jeans had what appeared to be blood smeared."

The bloody clothing and rags along with a plastic tip from a cigar were immediately taken up to Washoe County's Crime Lab for processing.
While testimony is forthcoming on what the blood would ultimatley tell investigators...Sparks police back in 2006 announced that blood belonged to Holly Quick.