Toll Road Fire

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Around 5-thirty Sunday night, a brush fire ignited on Geiger Grade... near Toll Road on the border between Washoe and Storey Counties.
Just about one year ago, the Andrew Lane fire burned about 2700 acres in this same area.
Fire fighters say this time it was a great example of successful wild fire fighting.
Chief Joe Reinhardt, with the Nevada Division of Forestry, also says It's an example of why the wild fire season is far from over.
"A gentleman was up off-roading in his dune buggy... it sparked a flame and started the fire."
Although the fire only burned about 10 acres, the canyon provided just the landscape for the flames to build speed as it ran up the hill, directly towards a home.
This danger is so high, officials warn about being safe, especially off-road.
"This is not a restricted area... and he was driving on the road, so he was trying to do the right thing."
Fire officials say at least 20 engines, one hand crew, 2 air tankers and one helicopter helped to quickly contain the blaze.
But, weather also played a significant role in keeping this fire from taking as much land as last year.
"Until we get some significant rain.... we still have a significant fire season in front of us."