Opening Arguments in Hamilton Case

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" She was dead after she had been attacked, sexually assaulted and murdered lying on the bed and ladies and gentlemen evidence will show you the man who committed these acts is defendant Tamir Hamilton." said Dan Greco the prosecutor in the Tamir Hamilton case.

The crime scene was as grisly as they get, 16-year old Holly Quick's neck was slashed beyond recognition Prosecutor Dan Greco says an autopsy results would show her airway was completely cut off. That she had bled to death. She had also been sexually assaulted. There were defense wounds on her right hand, Greco says she tried to save herself.

Greco says investigators were directed towards defendant Tamir Hamilton after a secret witness call. A collection of clothing at his home and DNA evidence collected at the murder scene would seal the arrest.

Defense Attorney Maize Pusich countered by saying her client suffers from schizophrenia, as his mother did.
That he underwent treatment in Los Angeles as a child, but there was no record of exactly what happened.
There is no xray or blood test to confirm Hamilton's illness she said, but while he was being observed at the jail, depression, migraines, and anxiety itching were all documented.

Hamilton she said, was like a family member to Holly, her mom and older sister.

"And ladies and gentleman what we will ask you at the close of this case is to find Mr. Hamilton not guilty by reason of insanity because no one in his right mind would do this to a friend."