Old Family Photographs Found on Downtown Reno Sidewalk

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Over 100 years of family history, found lying on the streets of Reno, with no one around to claim it. A local woman was walking downtown when she discovered a packet of old family photographs, dating back to the late 1800's. Now she wants to find out who the photos belong to so she can return them to their rightful owners.

The woman who found the photos is Phyllis Budeshefsky. She's a local grandmother who values the importance of family.

Phyllis says she was walking on Second Street in downtown Reno when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye, a stack of old photographs dating back to the late 1800's.

"They were laying on the sidewalk and I picked them up and looked at them and realized they were old pictures and the year on one was 1882," said Phyllis Budeshefsky

Phyllis says no one was around, so she took the photos home with her to see if she could find the owner.

"There are some last names on the backs of the pictures, so I figured that would help a little bit, but I did not know how to go about finding the people who to give their pictures back," said Budeshefsky.

That's when Phyllis called us. The pictures don't reveal a location, and the descriptions on them are vague. She says she hopes someone will see this story, recognize the portraits of their ancestors, and be able to claim their family's history. The retired grandmother has spent hours imagining who took the pictures...and who the people are in the photographs.

"What they looked like, how they lived back before 1900. What they went through, struggling. I know how delicate and precious they are from growing up with my family and my mom and dad. These are pictures you can't replace. You can't do them over again."

Phyllis has thought of nearly every possibility. She says the photos could have come from a tourist visiting Reno from out of town. She also wonders if they were left on the street by accident or on purpose. Finally, she says perhaps they came from an antique shop, and the owners don't even know they are missing.

Her goal is only to find out who the photos belong to...and return them as soon as possible. There are several first and last names on the photographs that Phyllis wants the owner to give her her before she'll release the pictures.

She says she'll keep them safe and close to her heart until someone gets in touch with her. If you think you may know whose photographs they are, you can email me at auburn.hutton@kolotv.com, or call me in the newsroom at 858-8880, extension 228.