Yerington Couple Speaks Out Aginst Abuse of Their Daughter

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Lisa Marraccini and her husband, Darrell feel betrayed, and they have good reason. Last year they learned their 16 year old daughter had been lured into an affair with one of her teachers, a man they knew and once trusted.

"He golfed with my husband. He's been in our home. So, it's betrayal on several levels," said Marraccini.

The teacher is Kevin Kegel. The former Athletic Director at Yerington High School, Kegel was young and popular with the students. Marraccini says they used to joke their daughter had a school girl's crush on him. It's now believed nearly 2 years ago Kegel steered that crush into a sexual relationship.

It wasn't as if the Marraccini's were inattentive. More than a year ago they discovered disturbing messages on their daughter's cell phone, messages they traced to Kegel. They were ready to press charges. The teacher contended the messages were actually from his 18 year old brother. Relieved, the Marraccini's apologized.

A year later, more messages as the Marraccinis were planning a hiking trip that would include Kegel. “The next message I read said Baby I need you to find some other kids to go on this hiking trip,. I don't want it to be just you, me and your mother. it was the biggest deja vu of my life. I realized it was him all along. It had been him for a year. His brother didn't exist,” said Marraccini.

The realization hit them like a ton of bricks. Kegel was fired by the school board last June. Months later he pleaded no contest to 2 counts of sexual conduct with a student. He'll be sentenced next Monday.

"He should go to prison. The district attorney tells us he's llikely to get probation because he doesn't have a criminal record."

But it isn't just the betrayal of a trusted teacher that haunts this family, it's the fact that so many people in this small town seemed to know and said nothing.

“Since it became public, other parents have come up to me and said 'You don't know how much I've wanted to talk with you. I've heard things from my kids and I've seen things, but I was afraid you'd get mad and I didn't know for sure.’”