Cement Importation

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The fear of shortage is what lead to the governors of Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and South Dakota to ask for an immediate end to the tariff.

Building projects in some places, are being put on hold in some places, but we have better news here. At American Ready Mix, the elements of concrete, including cement are flowing freely.

This is a local company, that buys cement locally from two suppliers who haven't run out of cement all year. A spokesman from American Ready Mix says the problem last year developed half way around the world.

And that's what we in Northern Nevada stand to gain from Mexican cement lower concrete prices through better supply.

Al Pena, from American Ready Mix, says we're paying about 40 percent more for mixed concrete than we were paying ten years ago.

But we can be thankful our cement supply is strong again because this plant is turning out about three times as much concrete everyday as it did ten years ago.