Teaching Our Kids

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Ann Stumf says her five year old daughter, Ingrid, could barely wait to start year-round Huffacker Elementary School. She already attended pre-k five days a week, and knew this time she would finally join the big kids in kindergarten.

Ann Stumpf says "She was very eager and ready to go. She had met the teacher and knew what the classroom already looked like, so it wasn't...we walked to school and she was very excited to go to the big kids school."

Before Ingrid started kindergarten, she like other youngsters getting ready for kindergarten in Washoe County, are required to attend an Early School Success Screening.

However, the screening is not a usual test there is no pass or fail, just an assessment by the teacher of how Ingrid will respond in the classroom, both intellectually and socially.

Marcelle Morrice, is a teacher at Moss Elementary School, "It really is not any kind of a test or assessment. It's mostly just to familiarize the teachers with what the children's level they're in, when they come in and where to start their development."

First-year kindergarten teacher at Moss Elementary, Marcelle Morrice says she, too, has been preparing her daughter for kindergarten.

She says children who come to kindergarten should already understand basic tools like writing their name, sitting through stories, and basic social skills all learned by watching and listening to other children. It's a great thing because then they're socially prepared to be around other kids. There will be many kids who haven't, so hopefully the environment is just... I think at that age, they're really ready to be with other kids."