Leaders Respond

Sen. Harry Reid/(D) Nevada: "My heart goes out to the people of Great Britain, at this time we all have to draw together as civilized nations to fight these uncivilized attacks."
The outpouring of sympathy from Senator Reid and other elected officials would probably be the same before September 11th. But nowadays any terrorist attack in a major foreign city forces u-s cities to check and recheck their efforts and ask the question, "are we next?" Large metropolitan areas like New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, and Miami were on alert law enforcement was on railways and subways looking for any suspicious activity.
In Los Angeles the police department was put on tactical alert. California's governor commented on his state's homeland security.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, California, "We will do everything we can in order to keep our mass transportation secure. This is absolutely important because the safety of our people or our state is the most important thing for us."
But while Schwarzenegger commented on the state of California's Homeland Security plan....California's U-S Senator Barbara Boxer said today there is more that can be done to protect our city's rail, bus, and port system.
Sen. Barbara Boxer, (Dem) California, says "You know a press conference after Madrid and I said exactly what we should do and my colleagues agreed with me. We passed the rail security act out of the senate, the house said we are not interested. "
Sen. Harry Reid: Senator says boxer is right, "We will talk about that later now is the time to join together, but, I hope those that have opposed in the past doing some of the things that have been suggested by the good senator from California will take note."
Senate Commerce committee Chairman Ted Stevens says the Transportation Safety Administration has focused too heavily on airport security and has not done enough to protect trains and other forms of transportation. The T-S-A missed a December 31st deadline to submit to Congress a comprehensive security plan that covers all transportation modes.