Transit Systems On High Alert

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It's just another day for bus driver Fred Garrett...except for the fact, he's just been told...terrorists have bombed a London bus earlier in the day. Fred Garret, Bus Driver "I expected something like that. I figured they'd look for another target." But, this time...the target was his profession, bus transit. Garrett isn't too worried...considering the attack was a world away. "I have concerns everyday. Not necessarily this major."
But, ever since 9-11...Citifare buses have stepped up their security. The have secuirty camera monitoring all aspects of the bus activity.
There's also panic buttons on board, audio monitoring devices, and text messaging to dispatch.
Passengers didn't report any problems. They didn't even notice the extra eyes at the Transit Center downtown. 22-thousand people board the bus everyday. A show of solidarity that terrorists won't make them live in fear.
RTC officials say the likelihood of an attack on the bus transit system here is very small, and bus drivers, say they're more concerned with assaults and accidents on their routes...than what happened in London this morning.