Summer Camp 2005

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More than 500 girl scouts embark to Camp Wasiu II from Northern Nevada and Eastern California each summer.
But, after last winter's snow storm, the girls have to sell more than cookies to get their camp back to normal.
The staff couldn't get up the mountain before Memorial Day weekend because of all the snow.
Linda Reed, the CEO of Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada, says even then the damage still laid under a white blanket.
"Lots and lots and lots of snow affected our platform tents, our kitchen, our pool fence and caused quite a bit of damage to our Girl Scout Camp... as you can see the damage that we had, a lot of 2X4s had damage."
Nicole Schossow, the camp director, says she took a snow mobile to look at the camp, but there was little to see at that point.
"Because we weren't able to see the extent of the damage, I knew we were going to have to make sure we had a safe camp."
With help from the Nevada Air National Guard, much of the damage is hard to spot... but, any counselor or staff member can point out all that is not seen.
But, Schossow says the group was determined to get as much done, so the camp could open on time for the summer season.
"When they come on the first day, all of our campers are usually fairly shy. They're a little on the quiet side, they give us funny looks when we sing our camp songs. By the end of the week, they're singing louder."
Camp Wasiu II was built in the 1940s, and began operating as a camp for the girl scouts of the sierra nevada in 1988.
While not every camper is a girl scout, most have been coming to the camp for several years.
Since these girls are anything but bored, paying for the fun time is costing the Girl Scouts more money than expected because of the damage.
Since there is no dishwasher, the camp is spending about 5-thousand dollars in paper supplies alone.
Reed points out the obvious when it comes to getting back on their feet.
"Girl scouts can't live on cookies alone, we need donations..."
If you are interested in helping the girl scout camp repair, go to their website at