Pyramid Highway Improvements

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But now we have the promise that it will get better. President Bush signed a nearly 300 billion dollar highway bill today.

It will send 12 million dollars to improve the Pyramid Highway Corridor here in Sparks. Traffic has been building here, because developers have been building so many homes to the north in Spanish Springs.

Pyramid Highway has become a major thoroughfare for an entire community that didn't exist 10 years ago, and that turns this intersection into a parking lot at the worst possible times.

Among the dignitaries at today's announcement of the cure for those problems was Senator John Ensign of Nevada, who's responsible for getting us 12 million dollars. He says it's a quality of life issue for the people who live here. And for drivers improvements won't happen fast enough.

Senator John Ensign, says "Commuters would like this project done tomorrow. Unfortunately, that's not the way that government works. It does take some time to be sure you're planning it so it's done right. The point now is to at least get the first intersection done right, and then get some of the planning done for long term for the rest of the Pyramid Highway Corridor."

That planning will involve tie-ins to Highway 395 and possibly even Sparks Boulevard or Vista Boulevard, but the planning Ensign talked about will dictate that, and years will pass before it happens.

It will probably be three to five years before we see any change here at Pyramid and McCarran, where the work will begin. The good news is, people affected by the work like the businesses along the way will get to put in their two cents' worth between now and then.