Child Prostitution

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When the mercury rises during the summertime, police say so do the number of prostitution cases here in Reno-Sparks.
Our special events draw lots of tourists with lots of money. Sergeant Chuck Kendricks with RPD's Street Enforcement Team explains a typical scenario: men from the Bay Area or California's central valley recruit girls, roughly thirteen to twenty-two, to make them money--roughly around one hundred and twenty to one hundred and fifty an hour.
In this case, besides Reno, the two suspected pimps prostituted the two young girls in Sacramento, Oakland and Los Angeles.
Sergeant Kendricks says that's common: groups know to travel from one major city to another following the crowds of tourists.
Their mobility has caused his unit to take a more pro-active approach.
If convicted of sex trafficking of children, thirty six year old, Juan Rico Doss from Reno, could spend life in prison. His partner, twenty six year old Jacquay Quinn Ford of Sacramento, could see forty years.
Normally, the children are placed in protective services, offered counseling and then released to the parents.