Pain at The Pump

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When it comes to gasoline consumers have a choice of grade: regular, plus, or supreme. But, if you ask them to give a grade on how much they're paying these days they give even the regular an "F."

So, we took an informal survey to see what kind of fuel people are buying. Not surprisingly, out of the 20 drivers we talked to, 18 chose regular unleaded. The other two chose diesel, which costs even more than regular gas.

Eddie Graziano, a consumer, says "I bought 50 dollars worth of gas and got 16 gallons. It's terrible."

Clark Reedy, a truck driver, says he pays 75 dollars for 25 gallons of diesel, that's about three dollars a gallon.

Mechanics recommend using what your car manual tells you. They disagree a certain brand or blend of gas gives you better mileage, or makes your car perform better. Ray Dunlap, a local mechanic, says "the consumer says I'm going to buy a better grade gas and my car will last longer. That's not going to happen. It's just marketing." Dunlap says, if you're worried about your car's performance, buy regular unleaded gas, and then put in an additive every two or three months. It will save you money, and keep your car running better in the long run.