Guardian of the Streets

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They walk the streets and use their words as a defense, to make a difference in our community.

The call themselves the Guardian Angels, and Ed Park says they exist world-wide with a very local mission to encourage others to get out and feel safe in your neighborhood.

"There really is a need to watch out for people on the streets and you can't just wait for the police to arrive because sometimes no one is going to call them."

That's what they say happened Saturday night on Fourth Street near downtown Reno.

A group walking the street intervened in an alleged assault, using words as a defense.

"All of a sudden a man approaches us and his face is bleeding, he has cuts on his face. There was a guy behind him wielding a knife, saying he was going to kill him.”

Each angel is trained to apply first aid, but each one is quick to insist they are not law enforcement officers: they are just regular people, making a difference one step at a time, and watching out for one another at the same time.

"Actually going on the streets and helping people is very empowering, not only for our members, but everyone we meet."

Some have called them vigilantes, but they say there's nothing inappropriate about helping others.

If you are interested in getting involved with the group, you can check out the Web site at