Cops Ready For Downtown Crowds

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Officers are out in full force .to control large crowds that have gathered for "Hot August Nights."

They say its taken a lot of planning and overtime hours, but they feel ready for whatever may happen this weekend.

On a typical night in reno, there are between 20 and 30 officers patrolling the streets but on the weekend of Hot August Nights there will be close to 200 officers on duty.

They ve also designated teams of officers to crack down on illegal street races and sideshows. If caught in the act drivers will be arrested and have their cars towed.

Police also say that alcohol is the driving force behind almost every problem during Hot August Nights so they have asked downtown liquor stores to stop selling booze at 8 pm. They ve posted signs to inform partiers that they ll be cut off at 8 o clock. Managers we talked to say they want to do what they can to help police .....even though they realize, they ll be missing out on lots of sales on a busy wseekend.

Police are also enforcing the curfew for kids under 18 and they re asking parents to do their part. Teens have 30 minutes to get home after "Hot August Nights" events come to and end at midnight which means they need to be home by 12:30 tonight, and saturday night.