Airport Security Cuts

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The transportation security administration says the screener shuffle is supposed to help struggling airports with long wait lines. But, those with the Reno Tahoe International Airport airport say the solution should not punish those which are running smoothly.
Brian Kulpin, Marketing Director for Reno-Tahoe Int'l Airport says, "Now when we've got it down to where your longest wait is going to be 20 minutes, nationally that's wonderful, we're doing a very good job. And, suddenly other airports are going to get the screening complement spread to them because they're taking 45 minutes to an hour."
Keeping the wait times down isn't easy. In fact, he says they work so closely with the TSA that most visitors cannot determine who works for what agency. This is important, because Kulpin says, the reputation of an airport is attached to a person's visit to the area. He says the airport has full coordination going all the way down from the TSA through the airlines and all of the customer service entities.
Kulpin says the passenger guides are a good example of the cohesive atmosphere that exists at the airport. They become the liaison between the passenger and everyone else who works in the airport.
One important job: keeping the lines going, if they notice a need for more screeners it usually takes just one phone call.