Investigating Fires

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Investigators believe a serial arsonist may be the blame for up to 12 fires across Northern Nevada in the last couple of weeks.
This is when a fire investigation turns to law enforcement for compiling witness statements for profiles.
Investigator Lee Ann Horton says there is always someone watching, even if they don't know what they're seeing.
She talks about what she looks for when she walks into a scene, everything from the local fuels to out of place items.
Investigators say they have used DNA, finger prints and other identifiable markers to track down who started a fire, and while it may take time, they say the success rate is high.
Horton says they look at prior suspects, and witness statements just like other law enforcement officers.
Just last year federal agencies alone spent almost one billion dollars fighting wildfires across the country, with the majority being in the west.
That's why investigators stress the importance and detail to their job, because every fire comes at a cost to someone.