Hawken Fire Restoration Planned

RENO, Nev. (AP) - If the weather cooperates, work is expected to begin in April on replanting forest land burned by the Hawken fire west of Reno.

The fire last July burned 2,700 acres, but no homes were lost. The U.S. Forest Service says as many as 120,000 tree seedlings will be planted over the next three years.

Most of the burned acreage is federally owned, with 1,949 acres charred in the national forest and 469 acres of that land in the Mount Rose Wilderness.

The wilderness area will be left to heal on its own, but the Forest Service plans to offer a helping hand in other parts of the burn area. The idea is to bring back the trees.

Some 20,000 conifer seedlings will be planted this spring in areas burned most severely by the fire.

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