Pit Bull Attack

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Carol Pooler was just waking up for work when she heard the most horrible sound. Her dog was howling in the backyard.

Carol Pooler says she the pit bull had her dog down, one had his groin. The other had his head. She says she ran outside to turn the hose on but it didn't phase them at all. Pooler says the two pit bulls were relentless. They dragged her basset hound clear across the yard, after she says they broke through a wooden fence.

Pooler said, "He finally gave up. But they still wouldn't let him go. Once they did, they went after the other dogs."

Pooler's two-year-old Terrier managed to escape, but her 11-year-old Basset Hound, Flap, suffered three puncture wounds to the neck. He survived the attack, Baxter wasn't so lucky.

We talked to a member of the family where the two pit bulls live and she says her dogs were provoked. She says Pooler's dogs were "messing around" the fence, and the pit bulls weren't used to other dogs. So, they attacked.

Pooler denies those accusations, saying "My dogs were like humans to me. My best friends. I know that's silly since I have children. But I live alone, and they were my companions. They wouldn't bother or hurt anybody."

Animal control officers did cite the pit bulls' owners. They have a court date set for July 27. Pooler says they should at least have to pay for her vet bills, but would like the dogs put down. She says had the victim been a child, the pit bulls would have been put down.