Powder Determined to be Baking Soda

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SPARKS (KOLO) -- A suspicious white powder found at a Sparks post office has been determined to be baking soda, according to the Sparks Fire Department.

HAZMAT, health officials, and Sparks firefighters converged on the US Post Office near Vista and Baring.

The Sparks Fire Department says a call came in about a white powder found near a parcel box around 5:30 p.m. Saturday. Division Chief Bill Finley says the pattern of the powder led him to believe it could have come from a box or package that was dropped on the floor.

The post office was cleared. Two firefighters put on full-body plastic-looking suits, respirators, gloves and boots.

The two men entered the post office and could be seen making hand gestures in front of a window to firefighters outside. SFD says tests were performed inside the post office on the powder. A sample of the powder was brought outside the building. Finley says tests revealed the material to be sodium carbonate, and harmless.