3 Northern Nevada Clinics Deficient

Mike Wilden, Nevada Health and Human Services Director describes the last week this way.

"Clearly we are in extraodinary times."

Because of the extraodinary times, The state health division is releasing what they find in ambulatory clinics when they find it. Traditionally more paper work, statements of deficiencies, and formal plans for correction would all be in place before the licensing division would place results in the public record.

These times also mean that the local health division will be working its way back...seeing if these practices have resulted in a Hepatitis C or B or H-I-V infection in which a source was not found.

Randal Todd , County Epidemiologist says his agency is just hours into the process.
" I have asked staff to go back and look at recently reported and over the last several years, cases of hepatitis c hepatitis b hiv and seeing if, if any of them were unexplained."

Two clinics, St. Mary's Outpatient Clinic at Galena and Digestive Health Center were cited for improper sterlization procedures, The staff at Sierra Foot Center admitted to investigators they were resusing syringes.

That's the same practice used at the Endoscopy Center in Las Vegas where a total of six people so far have developed Hepatits C.

Still there's one looming question. Why are health care workers ignoring safe medical practices which has been described as Health Care 101.

Ihsan Azzam,State Epidemiologist says we don't know,

"I don't really believe that anybody who was practicing these unsafe practices doesn't know that they are dangerous and putting patients at risk."