Denison Suspect Rumors Spin Out of Control

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Police say rumors have been swirling surrounding the investigation of Brianna Denison's murder. One rumor in particular is that the serial rapist and killer has been caught. Detectives say they have not taken anyone into custody, and these rumors are simply that--rumors.

Police say they've heard it all...everything from the arrest of a school groundskeeper to a cable TV technician. All of these claims, they say, are false.

Both on and off the UNR campus, the talk around the water cooler seems to be filled with claims about the wanted rapist and killer.

"I got an email saying there was a guy and a girl after people. That's what I heard. Like an accomplice, yeah, I don't know," said UNR student Brandon Nissl.

Added student Kaitlin Eidson: "There's also a rumor going around that he committed suicide by hanging himself, and that the police are still waiting for DNA to make sure it was him. Still it's just rumors. You can't take it to face value."

Most students say they're taking all the hearsay with a grain of salt...but others think the loose talk is damaging to a campus already on edge.

"I think it happens in any situation like this. Everyone's going to talk and everyone has their input. People are going to say what they think or what they heard, but no one really knows," said Monique Little, a student at UNR.

In the cyberworld, the rumor mill also continues to churn. A KOLO 8 blog about Brianna has received nearly 200 posts since she disappeared. Bloggers are also helping to spread rumors...some even claiming to have dreamed about what happened to the murdered co-ed. There are even people claiming to be psychics that have written in their two cents.

"I think it's crazy. People give it a lot of thought and it's like coming into their daily lives and changing and affecting how they're living. It sucks because it puts fear into everybody," added Little.

Police say when there's an arrest made, the community will know about it. Finding the killer remains their top priority. They say unless news of an arrest comes from the police department, it's probably not true.

"I'm just really waiting to hear from authorities. I really don't trust rumors or anything," said student, Conor Webber.

Now keep in mind, police have said that they do withhold some information from the public if they think releasing it will hurt their investigation. Nonetheless, they have provided the public with details about the type of suspect they're looking for, as well as evidence recovered at the crime scene.

They say as they continue to work the case, more details will come to light. Until then, they ask you not to jump to any conclusions.

If you have any information about the Brianna Denison case, call Secret Witness at 322-4900.