Casino Battle

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These concerned neighbors here in Spanish Springs say they posted 10,000 fliers, made hundreds of phone calls and sent emails in an effort to pack this room tonight to show their opposition to a proposed casino.
"People bought homes out here not wanting casinos around them," says Vallea Rose, the chair of the Spanish Springs Citizens Advisory Board.
"There's drunk drivers and there's going to be lots of car crashes," says Cathryn, who lives in Sparks.
Harvey Whittemore wants to build "Sierra Del Sol Casino" on Pyramid Highway between Erin and Dolores Drive. Whittemore has an unlimited gaming licence from the old Reno Casino downtown. But relocation of the gaming facility has been a challenge. Wingfield Springs residents fought the casino when it was proposed in their area. And now some residents in Spanish Springs are speaking up, sharing concerns about safety and sinking property values.
"Ask anyone, will you buy a house next to a casino?" says Roy Adams, who lives in Spanish Springs. "The answer is no."
But not everyone is against it. One resident told us he thinks Nevada gaming needs all the help it can get, because of competition from Indian Casinos. Others simply want to know more about the project.
"The jury is still out, I haven't decided yet," says Steve Lampert. "I could go either way."
Harvey Whittemore did not return our calls for this story, but in the past has said the casino will create new jobs and tax revenue for the city of sparks. He also promotes it as a family entertainment facility with a movie theater, arcade, retail stores and a restaurant.
"They say it will be a quality job," says Vallea. "I'm sure it will be. Anything he does is fabulous. But again, it's a casino. They don't belong in neighborhoods."