Internet Sex Stings

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Washoe District judge Brent Adams dismissed the charges against Anthony John Colosimo, saying state law does not allow a law enforcement officer to lure on-line predators during internet sex stings.
But, Washoe County detectives say they aren't budging.
Just this week, Sgt. Dave Nikoley says they arrested 25-year old Sean Johnson, from Reno, for using the internet to lure an juvenile for sex.
"These predators, as we've seen throughout all our cases, are very voracious with their appetite to victimize a child. They make their intent known, usually, within minutes of making contact with them that their whole purpose is to have sex with the child."
It's the word "knowingly" that is causing a ripple in the district attorney's cases against internet predators.
Since the officers are not juveniles, then the alleged offenders aren't engaging in illegal activity.... which Deputy District Attorney, Jim Shewan, says raises the question as to whether the law invites juveniles to willingly participate in order to catch the predators.
"Any parent who is willing to all that would be... I cannot imagine a parent doing that. I just cannot imagine a parent doing that..... Would you want your son or daughter to be involved and listening to our communication with the kind of very graffic language that we get?"
He says while they are frustrated by the rulings, he also believes the predators will not walk away from the charges.
The district attorney's office is also finding a way around the state law that is causing them trouble.
"Federal statute does not require that the child be an actual child. It can be a detective posing as a child."
The DA says they will continue and appeal the most recent ruling to dismiss the charges against Colosimo to the Nevada Supreme Court for clarification on the state law.