Person Trying To Scam Money With False Trooper Borgognone Fund

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NHP have received information that someone has made cold calls to the public in an effort to "raise" money on behalf of Trooper Kara Kelly-Borgognone.

NHP officials have stated that they are NOT conducting these calls to raise money.

NHP have urgently requested that public do NOT donate to these people.

If they wish to donate to Trooper Kara Kelly-Borgognone, please contact the NHP Office in Reno, 775-688-2500 to obtain the proper fund information.

Also, if the public has been contacted or get contacted, please try to get an address and or phone number where the caller wants you to send the money.

Please do not give any personal information out, such as your address, SS number, credit card or checking information and contact the NHP Office or you local Police Departments.