Animals & Quakes

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The belief that animals can predict earthquakes has been around for centuries.

We got several calls into the newsroom of pets acting strangely before the temblor. Although, veterinarians say the evidence is all anecdotal.

They've also heard stories of cats and dogs acting weird before the ground shook, barking or whining for no apparent reason, or showing signs of nervousness or restlessness.

Veterinarians see these same changes in behavior after a thunderstorm. They say pets exhibit anxiety when something loud happens all of a sudden.

Most experts don't buy the theories that animals feel the earth vibrate before humans, or can detect electrical changes in the air or gas released from the Earth.

They say earthquakes are a sudden phenomenon, and no one can know exactly when or where the next one will hit.

Veterinarians say animals do suffer physical injuries after an earthquake.

All too common, amongst dogs and cats, are chipped nails and teeth from trying to get away from the shaking.

The anxiety usually passes in a couple days.