Second Pair of Panties Leads Police Closer to Finding Killer

New evidence has come to light in the Brianna Denison murder investigation.

Police are now saying not one, but two pair of women's underwear were discovered where Brianna's body was dumped. This time, they aren't releasing a photo because they say they already know who the underwear belongs to., the owner of the underwear is surprising.

Police say the second pair belong to one of Brianna's friends who lived at the home where she was staying the night she was abducted. The question now is: how did the underwear end up at the crime scene?

Brianna's body was found in an industrial park in Southeast Reno on February 15th. Detectives say two pair of ladies' underwear were found--intertwined--near the victim's body. The first pair belongs to one of the young women who lives at the home on Mackay Court. The panties held DNA of the owner, Brianna, and the killer.

The other one is a black, pink-panther printed pair of underwear that had DNA of an unknown man and an unknown woman. Police say they don't know who owns the black underwear, and they're not releasing any information about what type of DNA was found.

"DNA doesn't have to come from blood. It can come from skin, a variety of sources. A lot of people think we have to have a large sample to get DNA markers, but we really don't," said Commander Jon Catalano with Reno Police Department.

Detectives say there is no evidence that the suspect entered the other rooms of the Mackay house, or looked through any drawers. All four occupants of the home have been cleared as suspects, including the woman who owned the underwear.

Detectives say the case is far from cold. While they still haven't caught the killer, they say they're getting closer. More than 2,000 tips have been called into the Reno Police Department since Brianna was murdered.

"Everyday, leads are being assigned and followed up on. We've got a team of patrol officers that are out every day. The analogy we use is, sometimes you have to swing at 3,000 pitches before you hit one over the fence, but you look at every pitch as if it were the one," said Catalano.

Denison's family is taking it day by day. Her aunt says each bit of evidence released brings them one step closer to their goal: justice for Brianna.

"I say, keep the pressure on. Obviously we've made him go underground for a month. He didn't do anything in February. Maybe that's what we have to do to keep the heat on this guy," said Lauren Denison

Police say finding brianna's killer remains a priority. Sexual assaults, abductions and murders are always at the top of their list. In the case of Brianna Denison, we have all three.

They're still asking anyone in the community who recognizes them to come forward immediately. They say if you've ever owned a pair like that, or seen them somewhere, you may have critical information to the case. You can remain completely anonymous. Just call Secret Witness at 322-4900.