Tracking The Tremors

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Seismetologists with the University of Nevada say anytime there is an earthquake, there is about a 10-percent chance there will be a larger quake within the following couple hours.
Glen Biasi works at the University's seismological lab and he says this really was not a shock to those at the school.
"This earthquake is not especially large. It's not an unexpected magnitude. The faults up there would be capable of larger earthquakes. So, we're not surprised by the magnitude although every earthquake is a surprise, per se."
Experts say the earthquake was not unusual, or even unexpected for the area.
You might notice the size of the quake changes from when it first occurs to later in the day.
Professors say a computer takes the first reading, but it takes a seismologist to go through and accurately determine exactly how large the quake was depending on it's impact.
If you think you feel the ground shaking again, they warn aftershocks could still hit the area... possibly up to three and four more in the coming days.