Jackson's Future

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Experts in the music industry have pointed out that Jackson's career was hurting even before these charges came out. But Reno residents we talked to - even those who still think he's guilty - say Michael Jackson could possibly make a comeback.
"What kind of adult likes to play with little kids and has them around all the time?" asks Carolyn Spicer, a Reno resident. " I think its absolutely ridiculous. No, in my mind he's guilty."
"This is court and this is America," says Kevin Cote, a Jackson fan. "He was found not guilty. He's not guilty."
They may be split on whether or not the verdict is fair, but most poeple we talked to agree on one thing....they think the world-famous pop star and winner of 18 Grammies still has a future.
"I think when someone's famous, they always stay famous no matter what," says Spicer. "People go in and out of trails all the time."
"I think with rap music, those artists have a reputation for getting into trouble, and so that has more of an impact.," says Drew Loftus, manager of Best Buy in Reno. "But again, with Micheal Jackson we'll have to wait and see how it all turns out."
Michael Jackson has sold over 300 million records in a career that spans four decades. And even before the not-guilty verdict, rumors had surfaced that the pop star might be in talks with long-time friend Steve Wynn - even Donald Trump - to launch a Las Vegas show. But if that never pans out, Jackson could possibly bank on his appeal around the world.
"He can go outside this country and tour," says Brett Pulley,. senior editor of Forbes. "He's still extremely popular in Europe and Asia."