Summer Season

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Summer is here... and so are the tourists.
According to Triple-A, the price of hotel and food increased by an average of about 11-percent this year, well above the national increase set at just a five-percent increase.
But, local industries say they will continue to come... if they provide the right incentives.
Jamie Agee, with Harrah's Reno, says they offer weekly concerts and other events in connection with the other casinos.
"We work together to bring events to the Reno Convention Center. We have events downtown. Almost every weekend this summer there will be something going on."
Just this weekend, 1000's of teenage volleyball teams traveled to the city for one of the largest tournaments in the world.
Deanna Ashby, with the Reno-Sparks Visitors Authority, says bringing in this type of event guarantees money spent at local businesses.
"We're based on tourism. It's really important to build our base. A convention like this provides us the opportunity to have guaranteed room nights, which helps us to manage the rates. It helps us to get Reno-Tahoe on the map as something other than a gambling town."
Many locals say the summer weather is made for tourists.
But, Loretta McVickers of Reno, says it's also perfect for locals.
"The summer is much better because you can get out there and you can do things like the things going on right now. Winter is pretty much the ski bums."
With the season just getting a fresh start, it's the entire tourism industry that is just waiting, and expecting a booked summer.
Harrah's alone says they expect to be booked every weekend throughout the entire summer just based on the scheduled conventions and other events.